Frank Duveneck
Frank Duveneck

Frank Duveneck (October 9, 1848 - January 3, 1919) was an American figure and portrait painter.

Duveneck was born in Covington, Kentucky, the son of German immigrant Bernard Decker. Decker died when Frank was only a year old and his widow remarried Joseph Duveneck.

By the age of fifteen Frank had begun the study of art under the tutelage of a local painter, Johann Schmitt and had been apprenticed to a German firm of church decorators. While having grown up in Covington, Duveneck was a part of the German community in Cincinnati, Ohio, just across the Ohio River.

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The Turkish Page - Frank Duveneck -
The Turkish Page
Head of an Oriental Woman - Frank Duveneck -
Head of an Oriental Woman
Lady with a Red Hat - Frank Duveneck -
Lady with a Red Hat
Florentine Flower Girl - Frank Duveneck -
Florentine Flower Girl
Caucasian Soldier I - Frank Duveneck -
Caucasian Soldier I
Sheltered Cove I - Frank Duveneck -
Sheltered Cove I
Figures on Venetian Steps - Frank Duveneck -
Figures on Venetian Steps
Elizabeth Boott Duveneck I - Frank Duveneck -
Elizabeth Boott Duveneck I
Girl in Black Hood - Frank Duveneck -
Girl in Black Hood
The Cobbler's Apprentice - Frank Duveneck -
The Cobbler's Apprentice
Tuscan Hills - Frank Duveneck -
Tuscan Hills
Villa Castellani, Bellosguardo - Frank Duveneck -
Villa Castellani, Bellosguardo

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Page 2 of 9   Paintings: 105